Jul. 03.

Lace Hen Night Invitation Styles

Elegant, but yet playful lace hen night invitations can be easily customised to reflect an elegant hens night celebration or a wild night of burlesque fun! Once you’ve decided on a theme, check out unique ways to customise your hen night invites with lace inspired designs or even embellish generic invitations with a DIY lace touch  – read on for some affordable, lace hen night invitation options.

Demure Hen Night Invitations

If the bride-to-be prefers an elegant theme for her hen’s night celebration, opt for a classic colour combination such as a chic black lace design printed on premium ivory or white card stock for the hen night invitations. With so many different styles of lace to choose from, spend some time browsing through magazines and fabric stores till you find an elegant lace pattern that can be easily translated into a design for the hen night invite.

Lace Boudoir Postcard in Tiffany Blue2 - Impressive Invitations

For  a classic, vintage look place a ribbon over the lace design on your hen night invites and fasten with an eye-catching cluster or brooch – this works particularly well for a Great Gatsby inspired hen night invite that’s all about lace and glamour.

While we prefer to keep things simple and use lace as an exquisite border for hen night invitations, you can opt to take it to the next level by printing a lace inspired motif on the back of your card to complete the look.

Bold Lace Hen Night Invitations

If the bride-to-be is all about having fun and painting the town red, adding a risqué touch to her hen night invites is a must! While you can set the tone using a bold colour palette such as black cardstock combined with fire engine red or vivid pink lace, we like the idea of experimenting with fun shapes for your hen night invites too.

There are plenty of different shapes to choose from, but one of our favourites is a corset shaped hen night invite! Use a racy lace pattern over sections of the overlay and hold the card together with a laced up ribbon in a contrasting colour for an instant touch of fun.

When choosing a lace motif for your hen night invitation, select a design that captures the party theme well – while floral patterns are great for a subtle hen night invite, you may want to use a more decorative design for a bolder, lace boudoir look.

Get creative and be as over the top as you want by adding on other embellishments such as pearls or even decorating plain envelopes with a lace envelope band to complement the overall look of your hen night invite.

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Jun. 03.

Tones of Red for Your Hen Night Invitations

When choosing your hen night invitations, it’s important to stick to the chose hen night party theme. While there are a variety of hen night themes available ranging from sweet to naughty, you can also opt to make a statement by choosing a specific colour palette for the celebration and incorporating this into the different elements from the hen night invite through to the party decor and guests attire. While red is commonly featured on hen night colour palettes, read on to discover ways of using different tones of red to create unique and impressive hen night invites.

Featuring Bright Red in Your Hen Night Invitation

Get your bride-to-be and her guests excited and anticipating a wild night out painting the town red with show stopping red hen night invitations. While you can go all out and print your hen night invite on fire engine red cardstock for a truly eye catching look, we quite like the idea of incorporating a scarlet red with a patterned background to vamp up the fun factor for the night.

Zebra Shoe Time Card w/ Magnet in Santa Claus Red - Impressive Invitations

While going all red for your hen night invites is perfect for a bold and outgoing bride-to-be, you can still opt to feature bright red in a slightly more subtle way for a more demure bride. Incorporate venetian red or any other vivid red tone as accents for your hen night invitation and pair it with a modern, but chic colour palette of crisp black and white or even these colours individually. Get creative with your hen night invite accents and incorporate a bright red into anything from the font through to popular hen night design elements like stilettos, naughty vixen silhouettes or for a sweeter look it can be featured on gingham patterned background.

Deep Reds: Maroon, Carmine and Burgundy

If a bright tone of red doesn’t quite reflect the guest of honour’s personality or the vibe of the hen’s night you have planned, you can always spin the colour wheel and opt to use a deeper shade of red for your hen night invitations.

Deeper reds make great background colours, as they make an impression while not taking too much attention away from the design and complementing it well instead.

If the bride-to-be is more likely to appreciate a traditional invitation design, maroon or burgundy adds a lavish touch to a brocade or damask background. For an easy contemporary touch, incorporate these colours in a subtle floral pattern on a clean slate grey background.

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