Nov. 14.

Disco Inferno’ Hen Night Invitations

The wedding is a few weeks away and while the rest of the bridal party adds the sequins to the shiny disco ball to be used on the dance floor of the wedding night, as maid of honour you know that your best friend’s hen night has to have the best of all things retro.

In fact you are already picturing bright lights, polka dots, peace signs as party décor before the after party where you dance the night away and the hen night invitations to be the highlight of the evening with pink and black polka dots or even candy stripes in shades of green. One glance at the hen night invitations would give the girls coming over a clear indication of what dress code is expected from them, without having to read all the details! Given below are a few ideas you could incorporate to your 70s-80s inspired hen night invitations and celebrations.

Shiny Disco Balls

Disco Inferno' Hen Night Invitations

No retro party is complete without a shiny disco ball and since it’s an all-girls night, it has to be pink! Ideas for the hen party invitations could include bright pink borders and silhouettes of girls having a good time and in fact this could even be replicated in real life!

Flower Power

Disco Inferno' Hen Night Invitations

It’s all about the girls tonight and what better way to make this statement heard if not for flowers and lots of it. Ideas for the celebrations could include each invitee being given a flower upon arrival or having them bring a flower each for the bride to make her own bouquet! The hen party invitations itself could have lace outlined flowers set against candy stripes in shades of green. If green isn’t the brides favourite, that could be replaced accordingly as well.

Bright Colours

Disco Inferno' Hen Night Invitations

Retro is all about bright colours and while all of you girls will be donned in the brightest and sunniest of hues that evening, the hen night invitations too could include bright colours of blue, green, teal or even sensual shades of black and red put together.

Polka Dots

Disco Inferno' Hen Night Invitations

Saving the best for last, a retro theme will be incomplete without polka dots and why not take this one step further by having polka dots set against a pink background as opposed to a traditional red on the hen night invitations? The girls can also be asked to wear any accessory or clothing item with polka dots to complete the theme.

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Nov. 03.

Invitations for Hen Nights, Bridal Showers and Kitchen Teas

Your best friend from school is getting married and you are the maid of honour. While it is the maid of honour’s duty to host the all-important bridal shower and hens night, question is, who exactly would be entitled to the hen party invitations?

Unless you want to keep it under wraps, it’s best you consult the bride as to who she would want to send out hen night invitations to. It’s mandatory, unless in certain circumstances to invite guests who would also be attending the wedding to the hens night. Hen night invitations also include bigger complications such as inviting mothers, older female relatives and alas, in-laws.

But depending on how much you are willing to splurge, the issue could be dealt with easily: organise two events namely, a bridal shower or kitchen tea for all female relatives and friends and send out exclusive hen night invitations to the girlfriends.

Bridal Showers

Invitations for Hen Nights, Bridal Showers and Kitchen Teas

A bridal shower is usually held to “shower” the bride with gifts and wishes before the wedding and can happen either separate from a hens night or could double as both.

Kitchen Teas

Invitations for Hen Nights, Bridal Showers and Kitchen Teas

Another way in which a bridal shower could be hosted is by having a kitchen tea, which is like a high tea but a less “over the top” tea party hosted especially for the bride-to-be. A kitchen tea can include all female relatives and friends irrespective of age and there are games organised as well, for everyone to have a good time. Kitchen teas can be held at the home of the maid of honour, a café or an eatery that is central to all those attending and even at the home at one of the relatives or friends.

Kitchen tea invitations are predominantly salmon pink or even red with white polka dots for a  feminine and elegant look. Usually the “after party” of a kitchen tea is where the hens night invitations come into play as the girls let their hair down.

Hens Night

Invitations for Hen Nights, Bridal Showers and Kitchen Teas

Perhaps one of the most awaited and looked forward to maid of honour duties is to host the hens night and to send out hen night invitations to your circle of friends. If your hens night is followed by a kitchen tea or bridal shower with a selected group of girls, be sure to discuss with the bride as to how to go about distributing hen night invitations without offending those not invited.

It’s your best friend’s final fling before the ring, make sure that her bridal shower and hens night is one that is memorable, safe and filled with polaroid pictures.

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