Apr. 15.

High Heels & Stripes – A Hen Night Theme

Sexy kitten heels and inviting tiger stripes are daring & darling elements to pair up for a fun and exciting hen’s night, to celebrate “one last fling before the ring!” Stripes and high heels are a versatile mix-and-match option for any hen night shindig, whether creatively slapped together or indulged in apart. From the hen night invitations and the cake to the décor and the party favours, stripes and heels are a sexy combo that will tease and please all the gals on one very exciting and unforgettable night out!

First Things First ­­– A Bold Hen Night Invite

As the best friend or dear sister of the bride, it’s your job to design the perfect hen party invite to make all the girls – including the bride! – feel extra special! High heels are a popular motif of hen party invitations that can be sleek, sophisticated, and sexy when done right and combined with stripes! You can choose plain-coloured heels or dress them up in exotic stripes such as zebra stripes or tiger stripes for a walk on the wild side! Another popular heels and stripes option is hen night invites that feature striped pastel backgrounds. On this base, you can let your imaginations run wild with embellishments to dress up your invites, such as black heels on pale pink backgrounds. You’ve got a rainbow palette to choose from, and with so many options to consider, your hen night invitations are sure to make a lasting impression!

Zebra Shoe Time Card w/ Magnet in Santa Claus Red - Impressive Invitations

Zebra Shoe Time Card w/ Magnet in Santa Claus Red - Impressive Invitations

Second – Cakes, Dress Codes, & More!

Continue the theme of high heels and stripes when choosing a delectable sweet treat for all the girls to indulge in, prior to heading out for a wild night out! A sultry pair of high heels coyly placed on a cake would be a marvellous centrepiece, and the icing could feature stripes as a striking contrast!

You can even invite the girls to dress up in their most daring heels and make sexy, slimming stripes part of the dress code! Whether it’s high heels and a striped “little black and white dress”, high heels and a striped top hat, or high heels and a striped feather boa, let creativity run wild with this awesome combination!

It does not matter how wild you and the girls get with high heels and stripes; the most important element of any hen party is to let your hair loose and have fun!

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Mar. 22.

Hen Night Invitations with Animal Prints

Halloween isn’t the only time to dress up in sleek and sexy costumes that conjure up a woman’s wild side. In fact, hen parties are an excellent occasion to sound a clarion call to ladies of all stripes: let your inner beasties ROAR! Sleek and sultry like a jaguar; vibrantly vivacious like a tiger, sinuously sexy like a snake; however “wild” your hen night promises to be, you can’t beat the summons of an exotic animal print hen night invitation!

Cougar Card w/ Magnet in Ivory - Impressive Invitations

Pick Your Pattern: Sexy Hen Night Invites Designed To Thrill

Cat Woman, Cheetara from the Thunder Cats, Josie and the Pussycats from the Archie Comics; pop culture is filled with sultry, alluring, and simply kick-ass women!

Why not feature one or all of these wild stripes and shades on your hen night invites for a taste of the “wild” things to come? The colours have to be bold, bright, and beautiful, just like the bride to be and her entourage of sexy attendants! A vibrant combo of black and orange on your hen night invitations heralds a roaring good time whilst you prowl and purr the night away like the lady tigers you are. For something different consider indulging in simple black hen night invitations emblazoned with two mesmerising green cat eyes on the cover, which calls to the majestic jaguars that prowl the tropical jungles of Asia!

If you do decide to go with a cat-themed hen night out, you can provide your guests with an exciting taste of what’s to come, by including a cat ear headband with your hen night invites! Each “cat lady” can be a tiger, leopard, black jaguar, or Siberian tiger, as many party stores carry these fun accessories for a one-of-a-kind night out with the girls! Meow, pussycats!

Classic Hen Night Invites

Zebra Shoe Time Card w/ Magnet in Santa Claus Red  - Impressive Invitations

But your hen night invitations do not all have to be predatory in nature. Go for the classic black and white animal print – exquisitely combined in the form of the zebra print that evokes elegance and sophistication. You can apply this sleek and sexy print to all aspects of your party, from the hen night invites to the cake, as well as the party favours. Is it a black horse with white stripes or a white horse with black stripes? We’ll never tell, and you will always look good sporting dresses and accessories of this fabulous classic combo!

Image Credits – www.impressiveinvitations.com.au

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