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Make Your Hen Night Invitations a Keepsake

Giovanna Square w/ Magnet in White  - Impressive Invitations So you are the Maid of Honour. How special that is. Guess what one of your duties will be. That is right; you get to plan the hen night party for the bride-to-be. You will want to give this some thought, since it will be her last night with her friends as a single woman. Now, some people think that a hen night should be like so many bachelor parties. Everyone parties hard, gets drunk, and feels horrible the next day. Well, a hen night party does not have to be anything of the sort, especially if your friend does not drink. There is one important part you need to pay attention to. The invitations; you want to make your hen night invitations a keepsake.

Plan a theme

First, you need to think up a theme for the hen night party. Some people plan an adventure around town stopping to shop, visiting favourite places and ending at a favourite restaurant for drinks and dinner. Others prefer to have something fun to do all night, like an old-fashioned slumber party. Other ideas include a night of watching old or favourite movies together, have a make-up or toe nail painting party, or a costume party where everyone dresses up like their favourite star or super hero.

What does she like? Is she a quiet person? Is she loud and boisterous? Alternatively, is she somewhere in-between? Is she a homebody, a naturalist, an artist, a party-person or a farm girl? If you know her well enough to be chosen as the bridesmaid, then you know what kind of person she is and what she likes. Choose something you know she will like and plan your food, decorations and activities around that.

Getting Keepsake Invitations

Now, to make sure that those hens night invitations are keepsakes. You already know that people collect things like engagement notices, wedding invitations, birth announcements and anniversary invitations. Choose a style that is unique and a colour that is neither too muted nor too loud. Add to that something noticeable. If she is an artist, have her draw a sketch to use on the invites. If she is a homebody, a cartoon character of a homemaker in an apron may be humorous.

If she is the quiet type, pick something calm and serene like a pretty floral scene, garden or sunset photo invitations or something delicate and lacy. Many people stick with the hen and a chick since this has been the main theme for many years. You can also choose designs like tie up corset cards, cards with things like high heels, champagne glasses, and flowers.

Have them personalised with each guests name on them. You can also add a little personal note in each one, making each guest feel that they are special. Add some little keepsake item inside like a pretty handkerchief, a gift card for a candy store, or a little lacy wedding bell. Anything you can add to make them that much more personalised, the more the guests will want to add them to their collections. It is not hard; in fact, it is a lot of fun to make your hen night invitations a keepsake.

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