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Photographs and Hen Night Invitations

Your best friend is getting married. She actually chose you as the maid of honour. How great is that? Being the maid of honour also means there are several tasks that fall into your hands to complete. One of those is the hen night celebration. This is the equivalent of the groom’s bachelor party, except that girls usually keep it more toned down. Whereas the men’s party usually involves drinking, partying and risqué themes, a hen night can be whatever you want it to be. One of the best ways to get all of her friends to attend is to send them a hen night invitation made with photographs.

Choose the right themes

Before you start making plans for that hen night party, stop and think about your friends. What does she like? What kind of person is she? You have known each other since grade school so this should not be difficult for you.

If she is a homebody, someone who prefers quiet settings, enjoys calmer activities, and possible gets upset or embarrassed easily, then you may want to stick with a baking night, slumber party, quiet dinner or wine tasting theme.

If she is an outgoing person, likes to shop, tip a few and has an open mind, then you can plan something a little more exciting and risqué. A night on the town, stopping for dinner on the way, a party with drinks and food and fun activities, a treasure hunt across the city or a truth or dare theme may work well.

Now How to get her friends to attend

Stop and think about the friends you two share. Are there any other friends that she is close with, that you do not really know? Make a guest list to invite all the friends you think she would want there. More than likely, you can do this easily by looking on the wedding guest list to see whom she invited to the wedding. You may want to limit the relatives you invite to those siblings or cousins that she is close to and are near the same age.

Look through your photo albums, her photo albums, and your friends albums. What you are looking for are photos of all of you people having fun, or photos of her in funny situations. If you attended camp with her and she fell in the water or you got a picture of her hanging off a horse; photos like these will let the guests know the party is going to be fun.

If you have a group photo of her, you and all your friends, that would be an excellent one to use. If you have a nice one of just her, her friends would love that also, because it will give them a mini-portrait of the bride-to-be.

Getting the invites

Once you have the right picture, go to the website and find the right style, design, colour and text for the invitations. Submit the photo you want on there to them, and within a few days, you will have great photo hen night invites.

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