Funky Hen Night Invitations

A hen night is one of those nights where the bride-to-be can take a break from work, from planning her big day, and from being so stressed and have a night with her and her girlfriends to just relax and enjoy the night. It’s a time to celebrate her last days as a single gal and have one last “HOORAH” before her wedding day. As the bridesmaid, best friend, or family member, your job is to help plan the best hen night ever. Let’s get to work sending out your hen night invitations.

Planning for a Hen Night

You’ll want to collaborate with your bride’s friends so that this event is as affordable, doable, and manageable as possible. Work together by communicating via Facebook, phone, or meeting up to connect and find out what works best for everyone who is contributing as far as planning, preparing, and creating a fantastic hen night out.

Choosing Your Invites

You’ll want to choose invitations for the hen night that help convey the theme of the night you’re planning. Choose the right colour scheme, theme to match, and style is important when choosing invites. Your hen night invitations allow you to give your guests a “heads up” of what’s to come and plan and prepare for your hen night out on the town. Is it a pink and black themed party? Make your invitations reflect that. A funky night out with outrageous music and clothes on the cards for the event? Have your invitations showcase that.

A Hen Night Out

It’s important to make sure the entire night is one that your bride wants and enjoys. Make sure to talk with your bride beforehand so that you know what she wants that night as every bride is different! From dinner to spa nights, from beach parties to wild bar hopping fun, each event should be something the bride really enjoys.

Have a fun hen night out; give your bride the night she totally deserves to have!

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