Hen Party Invitation Templates & Ideas

It’s your best girl’s big day and of course you are leading the retinue after her as maid of honour and it’s almost time for you to get about sending out those hen night invitations. You have a few ideas in mind that you are willing to play around with, so listed below are a couple of respective hen party invitation inspiration ideas that can be used.

Pretty in Pink

If your sister or best friend is the type who anyone would define using the words “dainty, petite” or “cute”, then it’s only natural that you opt for hen party invitations that are also pink, petite and comes topped with a bow. You could also choose to throw in a touch of royal treatment with an additional crown that serves as the icing on the hen night invitations, but keep in mind that there are many “cute” options that can be listed for the bride-to-be.

Couture Culture

Is the new Mrs everything fancy? If designer labels, branded wear and stilettos are part of her daily routine, then it is crucial for her hen night invitations to also be something equally fancy. Think bold stripes and  prints or even a subtle touch of leopard prints on the hen night invitations for a look that she would want for the big night as well.

Bold in Black

Perhaps your friend belongs to neither of the categories and paces quietly in the middle ground. For neutral brides, there are two options that can be used as hen party invitation designs. First would be to have classic black hen night invitations, because it is difficult to go wrong wearing black or having them featured on the hen party invitations. If it’s dinner at a mutual friend’s place or a chic restaurant in the city, black hen party invitations are ideal as they also set the tone to the party.

The second option for the neutral bride would be to go ahead with light-coloured, subtle designs that have no margin for error. Browse around for designs that are green, blue or purple in colour that fit all occasions, hen parties and hens night invitations.

However, if you are clueless as to what the hen night should contain, either ask among your exclusive circle of friends or simply ask the bride-to-be. After all, it is her night and it is only natural that you throw a party that she too would enjoy the most.

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