Personalising Your Hen Party Invites

Your best friend from high school is getting married and obviously as maid of honour you are busy thinking over throwing her the best hen party ever. You know you want to theme it, but you are not too sure what the theme should be and how you should let all of your other girlfriends in? Keep reading as we give you a few tips of getting about personalising your hen night invitations.

Hen Party Invitation Tip 01

If your best friend is the laid back type who prefers a quieter evening, then obviously you would want to oblige by her wishes and have a nice relaxed celebration. A few girls from high school and university and even a few of her colleagues (depending on who’s invited for the wedding) having dinner at a chic restaurant in the city might be what she is looking for. Themes for the occasion and hen night invitations would include some vintage lace or even a classic floral theme, which she would for sure appreciate a lot.

Hen Party Invitation Tip 02

If the bride-to-be is the petite, cute and pink type, then a definite theme for the hen party invitations has to be pink! Pink ribbons, bows and polka dots are bound to make your best friend happy and depending on the group of girls who would be joining you both for the evening, insist on a pink-themed dress code as well.

Hen Party Invitation Tip 03

If your best friend is all about living the party, then no doubt the hen night you organise will be along the lines of a party on Friday night with all your best girls. Take your hen party invitations to the next level, by opting for bold and loud colours of red, black or even feline spots for an unique touch!

A few general guidelines before organising your best friend’s hen party and sending out the hen night invitations would include getting hold of the guest list and inviting only those who are invited for the wedding, unless in the exception of a destination wedding, having those who are not on the guest list would make things awkward for everyone. Also, unless it is a surprise, it is always best to sit down with the bride-to-be when writing out those hen night invitations. After all, it is her night and it is only right for her to have her favourites celebrate the big night with her.

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