Tea Parties for Bridal Showers

You’ve been asked to be maid of honour and what could be more important than organising the bride-to be’s hen night? It’s time to send out those hen party invitations and start making plans to make sure that your best friend will have the time of her life before her big day.

However, if the bride-to be is expecting something quiet and low-key by all means respect her wishes and opt to throw a bridal shower and refrain from sending out hen party invitations. After all the day is about her and it is only fair to abide her wishes and requirements! If you one of those maid of honour’s tasked with designing bridal shower invitations as opposed to racy hen night invitations keep reading as we give you a few ideas to host the perfect tea party for your best friend’s bridal shower.


One of the main things you will notice when planning the bridal shower is the different colours that are used when compared to hen night invitations. The colours over here will be more delicate and of a lighter shade as opposed to the vibrant, bright colours seen in hen night invitations. One of the main reasons is because bridal showers are held during the day and will obviously require lighter day-shades when compared to the bright street lights that will be seen during the night and are reflective on hen party invitations.

The colours for bridal shower or kitchen tea invitations usually range from lighter shades of green, purple, pink, blue accompanied with a subtle pattern or a few polka dots set against a traditional red background. It is important to keep the different shades in mind as this is very different in comparison to hen night invitations that are usually bright pink, red, black and white with daring prints.

Types of Tea

As in the case of a hen party invitation that varies from party to party or the type of night-outing that has been planned, tea parties organised for bridal showers too vary from high tea to kitchen tea. As in hen party invitations, it is important to state the location and preferably the dress code for the bridal shower. This becomes important if in the event the bridal shower is not held at the residence of the maid of honour and instead at a relative’s or an outdoor location.

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