Using Vintage Designs for Hen Night Invites

Your best friend is getting married in the summer and as maid of honour and second in command of the retinue, you know one theme that is dominating the wedding: vintage!

Hence, it is only ideal that the bride-to-be’s hen night invitations too include bits and pieces of vintage. After all, the night revolves around her! If you are looking for inspiration ideas for designing unique vintage-themed hen night invitations, keep reading as we give you three options to choose from.

Hen Party Invitation Idea 01

If your best friend is petite, loves pink, ribbons and bows, then do go ahead by throwing in all of her favourites together when designing the hen night invitations. A subtle pink background with beautiful calligraphy for the body of the hen party invitation and a little chic bow securing it in place is exactly what she needs.

Hen Party Invitation Idea 02

For more pink and candy loving brides, cotton candy stripes are a must have! Let your best friend be a queen for the day by including an image of a little tiara at the very top of the hen night invitation. The actual hen night itself would require a tiara to be placed on the bride-to be that would be a mandatory accessory for her to wear all night long.

Hen Party Invitation Idea 03

If pink is not the dominant colour for the bride to be then the easiest and safest option is to make the shift to lace for your hen party invitations. Nothing speaks vintage better than lace and there is definitely a lot of lace at the wedding and it is only natural to start it trending when sending out the hen party invitations.

These are just three choices you could decide on when deciding on your best friend’s vintage-themed hen party invitations. However a little bit of web surfing on vintage trends, themes, décor and hen party ideas, then sitting in with your hen night invitation designer or asking the other bridesmaids for ideas  is a definite way to send out the most chic hen night invitations and for the bride-to be to have the time of her life.

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